Premier  FastPitch Tournaments

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: Do I have to be an "A" team to play in Premier Fastpitch Services tournaments.
  • Answer: No,  We offer top quality ASA tournaments to both "A" and "B" teams.


  • Question: Do I have to be an "ASA" Sanctioned Team to play in your ASA Tournaments
  • Answer: Yes. We have chosen to sanction our tournaments under ASA because our almost 20 years involvement in the sport of fastpitch has showed us that ASA is always ran top notch and most other associations based there rules, standards after ASA.


  • Question: Is it expensive to get Sanctioned to play in ASA tournaments?
  • Answer: No. It cost about the same to sanction your team under ASA as it does any other softball organization. Typically sanction price for various softball governed bodies is about $25-$30


  • Question: Do you charge admissions to get into your tournaments.
  • Answer: For most of the tournaments we run, we will either charge a team gate fee, or daily $5 admission fee.